Side-by-side performances

Selected young artists perform alongside professional musicians on Salastina main series concerts throughout the season. The dates of each student's side-by-side will be arranged individually.

This provides an opportunity to learn chamber music via osmosis from seasoned professionals. It also allows for resume building.

All concerts are recorded by Salastina

Performing music by their peers

Each participating student performer is paired with a young composer, who writes a piece especially for them.

More often than not, students do not play any new music until college or later. This pairing gives students a head start on what it’s like to work with living composers.

  1. In the early Spring, student chamber ensembles meet for three readings of pieces written specifically for them. The composer’s teacher, Reena Esmail, and a Salastina musician are both present to guide rehearsals/readings.

  2. A performance of all pieces completed for student ensembles is held a half an hour prior to Salastina's annual "Los Angeles Composers" concerts in June.

Producing their own concert 

Sounds Promising culminates in this unique professional development project in June of 2018.

Much lip service is paid to teaching young musicians how to “build their own careers.” Sounds Promising guides students through meaningful experiences doing just that. 

Sounds Promising is not a coaching program dedicated exclusively to telling students how to play music. Rather, it guides young chamber ensembles through questions like what to play, where to play it, and why. 

Sounds Promising supports participating students through the critical artistic and administrative components of concert production. This includes guidance through programming, venue selection, program printing, and getting (and interacting with) an audience.

  1. Throughout the Spring of 2018, young performers meet a total of eight times with Salastina co-directors Maia Jasper White and Kevin Kumar.

  2. Additionally, Maia and Kevin are available to answer students’ questions as they come in.  

  3. Each student receives four 90-minute coachings on repertoire they’ve selected for their culminating concert.


Tuition for the 2017-2018 season is $520 per participant.  Need-based scholarships are available.