Young Artists Program

Sounds Promising is an apprenticeship program uniquely committed to young musicians’ professional development. The program is designed for serious, pre-college and collegiate instrumentalists and composers. 

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Side-by-side performances with professionals

Salastina musicians coach students not only by talking at them, but also by playing in ensembles with them. Each student has the opportunity to perform on at least two Salastina main series performances, playing in groups consisting mostly of professional players.

Admittance into the program also grants access to Salastina's rehearsals and performances. In this way, the students familiarize themselves with not only the repertoire, but also with the inner workings and results of the professional rehearsal process.


Working with living composers

Each young performer or ensemble is paired with a young composer, who writes a chamber piece to be performed by the young artists and Salastina musicians on our annual Sounds Local concert.

Salastina gives pre-professional performers the opportunity to work closely with living composers. Traditionally, this critical professional skill is developed later on in music education. Salastina’s young artists have consistently referred to this experience as a seminal introduction to their study of contemporary music.

Occasionally, Salastina commissions works from professional composers especially for students. (Watch this live performance clip of a world premiere, commissioned specifically for young artists.)


Producing their own concert

In today's musical landscape, playing well is not enough to make a mark.

Sounds Promising guides students through the process of producing their own concert from start to finish. This includes selecting repertoire, making programs, developing their public speaking skills, promoting the event, and more. This gives students crucial entrepreneurial experience, leading them to think bigger about what their contributions to cultural life can be.  

This element of the program is not a requirement of participation. It is an opportunity available for students who choose to take it.

Tuition, Dates, and Details

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2018-2019 Participants

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2017-2018 Participants

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2016-2017 Participants

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In partnership with Junior Chamber Music

Salastina is happy to provide select groups from Junior Chamber Music with the opportunity to participate in Sounds Promising.

Here's what Junior Chamber Music participant D'aci Knight (16, viola) had to say about her experience "Playing with the Pros," a collaboration between Junior Chamber Music and Salastina, in April 2016:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to get to play with you. It was so much fun getting to rehearse with such an amazing musician and I hope I can do it again! Watching you play on Friday and seeing how much fun you were having on stage confirmed my desire to play music professionally. It was so inspirational, and I am looking forward to seeing you perform again! Thank you for everything!"

Students who may not be ready for Sounds Promising should look into participating in Junior Chamber Music, which offers stellar instruction to a wider variety of levels.