For Young Composers

Under the guidance of an esteemed chamber music composer, Sounds Promising composition students write a world premiere for a gifted chamber ensemble consisting of students their age. Their piece is workshopped prior to being publicly performed and professionally recorded.  


Private Composition Lessons with Reena Esmail

From February to May, young composer participants in Sounds Promising receive 5 lessons with the phenomenal Reena Esmail.

Reena's dedication to integrating Western and Hindustani musical traditions leads to beautiful and meaningful expressions that are quickly earning her international renown. In recent seasons, Reena has worked with such chamber ensembles as the Kronos Quartet and the Salastina Music Society. Her work has been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Barbican Centre in London, Schloss Esterhazy in Hungary, and throughout India. 


Workshopping your music

What do you say to musicians to get them to play the music that's in your head? Sounds Promising gives student composers hands-on experience interacting with performers.

From April to June, each student composer receives three opportunities to workshop their piece with the young ensemble performing it. A Salastina musician will be on hand to coach both the young composer and the young ensemble through these readings and rehearsals. 



Public Performance and Professional Recording

Once your piece has been written, rehearsed, and coached, it will be performed in June. And once it's performed, you'll receive a professional recording of the concert.

A student composer's piece may be selected for performance on Salastina's season finale, "Composers of Los Angeles."

Young composers are also encouraged to attend as many rehearsals as possible for that performance. They'll learn by bearing witness to seasoned composers working with professional musicians. 



Tuition for student composers is $900. Need-based scholarships are available.