Salastina invites listeners to join with composers, musicians, and artists to celebrate the beauty of the past and present, and to carry it into the future with a spirit of inclusiveness.

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With a repertoire spanning five centuries, Salastina is leading an ever more beautiful and inclusive context for the art of chamber music by integrating the music of the past and present in socially, artistically, and intellectually responsible ways.

Since its founding in 2010, Salastina has earned a national reputation for connecting audiences to classical music. Audiences respond to Salastina’s warmth, immediacy, keen musical insight, artist-driven nature, and sense of social responsibility.

Over two dozen Salastina performances have been broadcast to millions nationwide on Performance Today.


Who We Are

Salastina was founded by violinists Kevin Kumar and Maia Jasper White, who continue to direct the series. Our roster consists of resident artists and special guests. (Pictured above: Sarah Chang.) Many of us earn our bread and butter recording for major motion pictures (like this one). 

What We Play

Salastina advocates for beauty, for a fully integrated artistic past and present, and for equity in the arts. All great music — from classic to not yet so — bears intrepid exploration. We champion music that has stood the test of centuries out of a firm belief in its value. So too do we advocate for the ever-evolving music of our time. We promote new music that doesn’t compromise on originality, sophistication, or accessibility. We put our money where our mouth is, commissioning and promoting many extraordinary works. Lastly, we believe that music that is not yet considered "classic" isn't always new. We champion the music of composers from the past whose music never achieved the fame we feel it deserved -- whether because of their race, gender, political or religious beliefs, or bad luck. The stories these unduly neglected pieces and composers tell inspire a deeper awareness of the depth of human creative output. The integration of this music with the canon and with new music provides invaluable context for the creation and maintenance of our contemporary musical community.

Making Connections

If art is to make us feel more human, then arbitrary and outdated rules run deadly interference.  All of our program notes are delivered verbally from the stage. Because Salastina artists don’t just sing and play beautifully: they also have a lot to say. Our artists share personal insight into their thoughts and experiences both during concerts and at post-concert receptions. And please: don’t worry about when and how to clap.  



Where We Play

True to the spirit of chamber music, Salastina performs in intimate, comfortable venues of acoustic and aesthetic beauty. Our Eastside home is Barrett Hall at the Pasadena Conservatory. Our Westside home is Villa Aurora in the Pacific Palisades. Click here to learn more.

Committed to Education

Salastina performances feed the curiosity of listeners of all types inside the concert hall. Through Sounds Promising, we work with gifted young instrumentalists and composers to prepare them for their place within it. Sounds Promising culminates in young performers producing their own concert, and in the premieres and recordings of several young composers' work. Click here for more information about the program. 

More than a Concert

We promote all kinds of extra-musical ways of enhancing the concert experience, from gourmet post-concert receptions to collaborations with celebrity comics. Our approach ranges from deep reverence to irreverent humor. Check out the video of actor Seth Rogen narrating "Ferdinand the Bull," above.

More information about Sounds Delicious, our contemporary take on the salon tradition, coming soon.