The Growth Manager supports the efforts of Executive Leadership in three related areas of audience and patron stewardship. S/he also serves as the face of Salastina at all public events.

The Growth Manager will work closely with the Executive Director on managing audience and donor records, and implementing strategies for their growth. S/he will work closely with the Executive Producer on front-of-house matters, and with the Membership Co-ordinator on member records and strategy. 

S/he reports to both the Executive Director and Executive Producer, making his/herself available for weekly staff check-ins. 

Responsibilities include the following functions of the organization, with attention to how they intersect:

Audience development

  • Keeps detailed, real-time records of audience engagement with Salastina

  • Updates email newsletter contact list in real-time

  • Assists Executive Director in the implementation of audience development strategy

Membership and patron development

  • Assists Membership Co-ordinator with keeping accurate records of member accruals and renewals

  • Assists Membership Co-ordinator in the implementation of membership growth strategy

Front-of-house Manager

  • Ensures all public events are appropriately staffed, supervising as needed

  • Serves as the face of Salastina at all public events

  • Ensures the entirety of the patron experience reflects the high artistic and experiential standards of Salastina

  • Ensures the collection of all attendee contact information

The Growth Manager will work remotely, and be paid $25/hour for up to 20 hours per month. The pay rate and time commitment will increase as the organization grows.

Interested applicants: please email Maia Jasper White and Kevin Kumar at